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Minors on Campus Policy FAQs

What Boise State policy addresses minors on campus?

Policy 12060, Protection of Minors. Policy 12060 provides guidelines intended to safeguard minors on campus. This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, contractors, subcontractors, and volunteers who interact with minors through University-Sponsored or affiliated programs or activities. These individuals are obligated to undergo training and background checks.

How do I get a background check? 

Human Resources is responsible for background checks. For additional information, please call (208) 426-1616.

Is there a training program for individuals who interact with minors on campus?

The University is currently developing a training program for individuals who interact with minors. The training program will be designed to assist faculty, staff, contractors, volunteers, and students who work with minors in establishing a comprehensive program for protecting minors from sexual or other misconduct by addressing prevention strategies and reporting.

Who is considered a minor?

A minor is any person under the age of eighteen (18).

What is minor abuse?

The infliction of physical injury, sexual abuse or exploitation of a minor (whether by an adult or another minor); negligent treatment or maltreatment or a minor; or abandonment of a minor. This includes the failure to make reasonable efforts to prevent minor abuse as well as emotional injury.

What are some indications that a minor may be a victim of abuse?

Signs of physical abuse (bruising, burns, fearful, etc.), sexual abuse (difficulty walking or sitting, STI, pain in genital area, etc.), emotional injury (speech disorders, anti-social behavior, seeks attention, etc.), or signs of neglect (hiding food for later, chronically dirty or unbathed, lack of supervision, etc.). By themselves these signs may not be conclusive evidence of a problem, but serve as indicators of the possibility that a problem exists.

What should be done if there is suspicion of minor abuse?

Under Policy 12060 and in accordance with state law, all faculty, staff, students, contractors, subcontractors, and volunteers who suspect minor abuse are required to report it immediately. There is no need to investigate or ensure that evidence exists before reporting. Reports should be made to law enforcement or the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. In an emergency, call 911.

How can minor abuse or inappropriate behavior be prevented?

The following guidelines are intended to help prevent minor abuse or inappropriate behavior:

  • Two adults should be present at all times with minors
  • No changing, showering, massaging, etc. with or in the presence of minors
  • No overnight visits with minors
  • Windows to each room allowing visibility into classrooms, or similar spaces
  • Do not touch minors in a manner that a reasonable person could interpret as inappropriate
  • Do not engage in any abusive conduct toward, or in the presence of a minor. Conduct includes but is not limited to verbal abuse, hitting, punching, poking, or inappropriate restraining, except as required to protect a minor or others from harm
  • No doors locked from inside except in emergency situations
  • Random “check-ins”
  • No drugs or alcohol may be in the presence of minors or shared with minors. No referencing drugs or alcohol while minors are present. Staff are never to be under the influence of any substance while working with minors.

What is the protocol for an emergency on campus?

If there is an emergency or threat on campus, BroncoAlert will release a message via email, text, and phone. If a notification is issued, remain calm and lead minors to designated safety shelters. Once every member of the group is settled in a designated safety shelter, remain calm and quiet while waiting for more information regarding the emergency. BroncoAlert will release updates on the situation while it is being contained. When a message is released stating the emergency has been contained and it is safe to return to campus, staff can lead minors back to camp.

What is the protocol for a missing child?

If a minor is missing, contact your supervisor and report which minor is missing and the last time you saw them. If there is no sign or recollection of the minor within the first 20 minutes that they went missing, the Boise State University’s Department of Public Safety should be notified at (208) 426-6911.  Following the notification of the Department of Public Safety, the minor’s parents/legal guardians should be notified.

How should injuries to minors be handled?

Minor scrapes, bruises, bumps, etc.  can generally be addressed and contained on-site by supervising staff. In the event of serious matters such as allergic reactions, lack of response, or potentially life threatening issues,  call 911. After calling 911, a staff member not assisting the minor should contact the minor’s parents or legal guardian.