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Minors On Campus

Boise State University is committed to providing a safe and caring environment for minors. In order to ensure such an environment, the Minors on Campus Program has been created, led by the Minors on Campus Program Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics. The Program Coordinator shall work with stakeholders on campus to develop best practices, shall provide training on the protection of minors (including the code of conduct for interacting with minors), and shall assist camps and Programs in ensuring that appropriate background checks and training certifications are acquired. This partnership with the Camp Directors and the Program Coordinator is focused on the safety and well being of children. It is imperative to establish an environment that promotes collaboration and cooperation for the protection of all minors that visit Boise State University.

For any questions or comments about the Minors on Campus Program please call the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics at (208) 426-1258. To learn more about Minors on Campus visit the Minors on Campus FAQs page.

Fee-Based Programs and Camps

All fee-based Programs or camps involving minors must register with the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics at least 14 days prior to their start. Please register as far in advance as possible.

Tracking of Events Involving Minors

Any public event that is targeted, at least in part, toward minors, but is not collecting fees or assuming custody and control over minors (that is to say their parents and guardians will retain custody and control throughout the event) it is not required to complete the Program or Camp registration, but it is requested that this form is completed to effectively track activities involving minors on campus and work to develop best practices.

Interacting with Minors Training

This is a required training for all university employees, interns, or volunteers who work in a fee-based Program or Camp involving minors.

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